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Still Editing: Focus on the Manuscript

Long time no see, huh? I have been writing, and quite a lot. I wrote 51,000 words on two characters that are integral to the past of Somniera and Alteniera (one may pop up in Collision!) and still have more ideas for them. (Some scenes about them are also on my Tiktok!) However, during May, June, and July I will be back at editing Collision. The plot bunnies may get away from me on occasion, but I have everything organized and more cohesive again.


A lot of scenes need major revision, and some characters may entirely disappear again, replaced by ones that make more sense. Aleksi is one of those characters. Instead, he is getting replaced with Aramis, the sister of a major player that shows up later in the story (major spoilers as to who he is, so that’s all I will say for now!) I have also added more importance to Prefect Dain, a character I haven’t posted a picture of at all.

Another part that needs added or revised is a lot of scenes from Raelynn’s point of view. There were some scenes that repeated themes too much, and she needs more screen time to set up for the second book. As I mentioned considering in my last post, Collision is a duology now. The first book has more Elf influence, but the second will focus on the Syreni. I have already posted some hint scenes on my Tiktok about that book!

New Characters

I’m looking forward to introducing the two characters that I’ve been working on the past two months. However, their story starts a long time before the events of Collision. I do mean a long time: centuries even. I will leave you with their names: Nyx and Maruz. Maruz may make a guest appearance in Collision, but he might not. He definitely has a role in Shadows of Somniera. The working title of Nyx and Maruz’s main book is Shadows of Destruction, but that may change. This goes for the books listed under the Books tab of this website, too!

That being said, I mostly have been cross-posting videos from Tiktok to my Instagram. I completely forgot about keeping weekly updates posted there in my stories, but I might start doing that this month to keep myself on track. I have a trip coming up in less than two months, so I want to be closer to done with the major revisions before I go.

Until the Stars Fall,

Vivian Hale

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