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The Universe of Niera

Alteniera and Somniera are two worlds connected by a massive gateway that opens every month. Both worlds hold magic and many different fantasy races, however only the Fae and Elves reside in Somniera. The Syreni and Pyske live predominantly in Alteniera, a land more wild and with more kingdoms than the more urban Somniera. Each book on this page will remain within the universe of Niera, but there is a possibility of other worlds later. Many (if not most) of the series, books, and characters are works in progress, so they are subject to change.

The following lists are names of future series, books, and their main character(s)!

The Main Story Line (Alteniera and Somniera)

  • Until the Stars Fall Trilogy: Nyx
  • Collision: Elise Cohen
  • Shadows of Somniera: Roseglass
  • Fallen: Shayna

(The main story line contains books that are connected to each other in the timeline, however they also are connected to the stories listed below.)

The Kingdom Records (Alteniera)

  • Collision: Elise
  • Immersion: Ignacia/Yseult
  • Eruption: Anahita

Tales of Danree (Alteniera)

  • Boarding School: Korana
  • Forest: Kyrie
  • Ruins: Saia
  • Garden: Aliva

Annals of the Syreni (Alteniera)

  • Dark Water: Citlali
  • Stolen Away: Cassidy
  • Combustion: Soulyra

Cimmerian Chronicles (Somniera)

  • Shadows of Somniera: Roseglass
  • Forgotten: Aili
  • Hidden: Nova
  • Fallen: Shayna

The Overgrowth (Tolniera)

  • The Balanced Scales: Vaisuri

This is only the beginning, though many of these are projects for the far future!