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  • Wall of Glass, Alteniera

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Elise has enough to worry about: college, her lack of magic, and the upcoming Summit between Alteniera and Somniera. That was before she got trapped in another world during the Summit due to a case of mistaken identity. Now she has to dodge attempts on her life, pretend everything is fine, all while waiting for the wall of glass to reappear. It’s only a matter of time before something cracks, and Elise can only hope it isn’t her sanity.


Summer has lived a fairly normal life. She spent her holidays on the coast, surfing with her fraternal twin, Autumn, and went to high school the rest of the year. Then in a freak surfing accident, Autumn drowned–though a body was never recovered. Now a freshman in college, Summer starts remembering some strange events–a marble palace, a fire, and running through a forest at night. Are these images a movie she forgot the name of? Or is there more to the strange girl she met at the beach?


Zamora, otherwise known as Winter, is the crown princess of Lyndolyn. Yes, the one that is currently controlled by the Casolians. She alone stayed in Alteniera, waiting to regain the throne at the right time, but someone seems determined to make sure that none of the royal family is left alive. To add to that, the inactive volcano has started smoking, only a mile away from the old palace. How is one girl supposed to protect her family and her country against these threats?