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Not Quite Halfway, but Closer

It’s been over a month, and I’m not posting on a Sunday. I can’t be perfect at everything, so it had to be my sense of time. I did have a calendar notification. Did I pay attention to it? Obviously not. I have plenty of reasons, but the main thing was I wanted to hit 30,000 words before I posted an ‘official’ update on my blog. It needed to be a good, solid, whole number.

Now, you might be asking, Viv, did you hit 30,000 words now?

Yes. I’m still on track to finish the first draft of Immersion by the end of April. Thanks for asking.

I already mentioned this in my last Instagram post, I found out I don’t have to delete Aleksi entirely. He will get significantly less screen time in Collision, but his purpose remains the same. What that purpose is? You’ll have to read the books to find out. 😉

Book 3, also known as Combustion currently, may be called Eruption instead. The main character will be Winter (otherwise known as Zamora), a black haired girl with blue eyes. She has a more important role than Saia, and I think she would do better as the point of view character. Saia is on the fringe of action to be a proper main character in this particular story, despite her powers and relation to the volcano and the title.

I’m not sure if I’ve talked about it before, but the titles are both symbolic and literal. Collision references Elise’s past in a car accident, but it also refers to the idea of two worlds colliding. Immersion references the fact that Summer is a surfer, but also the idea of getting immersed in the world of Niera, since its the second book. Finally, Eruption refers to the volcano doing its thing, and to the erupting of tensions as the final showdown comes into focus.

Now I need to change the blurb about the 3rd book, but I don’t have a solid idea of what will happen yet. I will change it later, when I’ve started the first draft. For now, the art and blurb will stay the same on the main page, but around the end of May or start of June, keep an eye out!

I have a lot going on in March, but I will keep posting word count updates on Fridays or Sundays, whichever I feel like at the time. I’m getting excited to be nearing the halfway mark of the three books. I have so many ideas for future books, both set in Altiera and Somniera. The main task will be for me to make those diddly darn details consistent across all the books–I have a tendency to forget them. If you like the main characters of any of the books, you will definitely see them again later in cameos. The world is too interconnected for them not to appear again. 😉

TLDR: I hit 30,000 words, and I plan to finish the first draft of Immersion by the end of April. The 3rd book will likely be renamed Eruption and Winter will be the main character. The blurb will change sometime in late May or early June.

Until the Stars Fall,

Vivian Hale

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