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New Ideas and Still Revising

It’s been a few months (Five. It’s been five.) since I last posted, and I finally have some updates aside from yes, I’m still editing. Namely that Until the Stars Fall will likely be a trilogy! It’s still in the early stages, but the working titles are: Until the Griffins Return, Until the Sun Sets, and Until the Stars Fall […]

Revision Part Two: The Cycle

After two months, I am finally on the second set of revisions for Collision. Which means… more rewriting. I’ve only found about 13k words are usable from my first revision, mainly because it wasn’t cohesive enough to the main point of the story. My goal is to complete these revisions by the end of November during Nanowrimo- National Novel Writing […]

Editing Forever and a Day

Collision is at the halfway mark for the first major revisions. At least, that’s what I’m hoping. There are many scenes that need rewritten, especially for the latter half of the story. The cast of characters is nearly settled, though some minor roles need reassigned, and two major roles need some fixing. I’ve been getting some art commissions for different […]

Still Editing: Focus on the Manuscript

Long time no see, huh? I have been writing, and quite a lot. I wrote 51,000 words on two characters that are integral to the past of Somniera and Alteniera (one may pop up in Collision!) and still have more ideas for them. (Some scenes about them are also on my Tiktok!) However, during May, June, and July I will […]

The Next Phase: Editing

It’s been a few months since I last updated, and that means I’m on to the next part of this publishing journey! During December and January, I plan to do major revisions and editing before I start looking for an editor. Right now, all the scenes in Collision are mixed up and out of order, and not suited for even […]

Characters, Magic, and Memories

It’s been another two months and a lot has been adjusted. First, who the main characters are and what they look like! The second is a graphic I created to explain the magic system of the worlds. Lastly, I did a lot of reorganizing in the real world and found some of my old stories from grade school and high […]

Rough Drafts, Adjustments, and TikTok

It’s been two months since I’ve posted to my blog, and I’m not sure how time got away from me. Late April, I started writing a new story I have titled Shadows of Somniera (SoS). I also decided that after 45,000 words, I was bored of Immersion, which was not a good sign! After lurking on TikTok for a few […]

Halftime is the Best(?) Time

Or not. Good news! I am sitting at exactly 40,000 words for the rough draft of Immersion. This means I will likely finish the other 40,000 between now and early May– but I really want to finish it by the end of April. Thankfully, all the planned events I had for March are complete, which means there is nothing standing […]

Not Quite Halfway, but Closer

It’s been over a month, and I’m not posting on a Sunday. I can’t be perfect at everything, so it had to be my sense of time. I did have a calendar notification. Did I pay attention to it? Obviously not. I have plenty of reasons, but the main thing was I wanted to hit 30,000 words before I posted […]

New Year, New… Something

Me? Not quite. Update? Yes! The holidays were busy, so busy that I didn’t get much on my books done at all. Now that it’s almost February, I figured it was about time to remind everyone I still exist and I am, in fact, still working on Immersion. (If you want to keep in the loop with what I’m doing, […]